Taekwon-Do Quiz!
Try to complete our online quiz without using your handbook or google to help you
What is Stance in Korean?
Which of these statements is NOT part of the Taekwondo Oath
To which Dynasty did Won-Hyo introduce Buddhism?
How many Taekwondo Motions are there?
At what belt do you learn Hwa-Rang?
How many Patterns are there?
Where did General Choi Hong Hi pass away?
Which important Figure in Taekwondo/Korean history was born in Gangneung-si?
What is the Korean term for 'Open'

Thanks for submitting! We'll let you know how you got on soon!

Here are the results so far!

Not sure what to do with your time at home? We have plenty to keep you occupied!
In the members hub, we have the grading syllabus with vidoes, patterns for you to follow and some theory quizzes for you to try. Here are some more ideas for activities to do at home:
TKD Mindmaps!
From the Facebook page written by Sam Donohoo:
"If you've got some free time today, why not make a TKD mind map/spider diagram for yourself! The Best one will recieve a free ITF towel (when we're back in the dojang)
You could base it on the following:
- History of TKD
- Tenets of TKD
- Hand/Foot attacks
-Your favourite TKD activities
- Your favourite moves
Send us a pic of your finished mind maps or email them across. The more colourful the better :)

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