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This website has been produced to help provide students and newcomers with a guide to SDMA and what we do. We hope that, as a member of SD Martial Arts, you will find it useful throughout your training. We welcome any suggestions you may have in the future for its improvement – after all, it is designed for you.

We encourage all our students to achieve their maximum capability and are sure that this website will assist in that process. If you are a Taekwon-Do student, we also recommend that you refer back to your handbook for any extra information that cannot be found here.

SD martial arts started on 1st January 2018. We go above and beyond to make our classes a fun and friendly atmosphere while still maintaining the discipline and high standard needed to effectively teach traditional Taekwon-Do.

The group was founded by Mr Sam Donohoo 5th Degree.

If you have any questions regarding your training, do not hesitate to discuss them with your instructor. That's their job.
Our aim is to teach in a fun and friendly atmosphere while still maintaining the disciplines and etiquette which we believe should be an important aspect in any martial arts.
Although Taekwon-Do has its roots in ancient Korean arts, we have a modern outlook. This means that, whatever your goal, you have chosen an excellent vehicle in which to achieve them.
  • Flexibility

  • Agility

  • Sparring training

  • Self-control

  • Courtesy

  • Spirit

  • Loyalty

  • Strength

  • Perseverance

  • Teamwork

  • Classes catered to juniors and adults

  • Punch pad/kick shield training

  • Skipping, benches, cardio 

  • Friendly instructors and assistants who are there to help you

  • Tournament training for those who wish to compete

  • Family-orientated classes for all to get involved in.

  • Social events/presentation evenings for black belts / high achievers

  • Fund-raising events for local charities and for the club.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook Long Shadow
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