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Grandmaster Sahota Seminar

On Saturday 30th April, we were very lucky to get the opportunity to host Grandmaster Sahota in Blandford, Dorset. We often have to travel for a few hours to take part in events like these, so to have it on our doorstep is fantastic. We were also joined by KR Martial Arts and Taran Tek Taekwon-Do from Cornwall in what was a very successful event.


The first couple of hours were spent drilling some basics while learning about the 'Secrets of Taekwon-Do'. This was done by performing a variation of line work, then listening to some lessons from Grandmaster Sahota, followed by improved line work. GM Sahota stated that the lessons he teaches and the way he words his lessons are exactly as the Founder would have taught them had he still been with us. Unfortunately, our club was founded after the Founder, General Choi Hong Hi, had passed away. So, to have the opportunity to learn as the founder would have taught is such a fortunate thing. Grandmaster Sahota was fortunate enough to attend many seminars across the world with the Founder and , through many hours of study, he is now able to pass those lessons onto us.

We ended the first session with a Q&A session, enabling students to ask training questions that may have been unclear in the past. Every question was answered thoroughly with a deep explanation as to why. This also triggered follow up questions from others.

The second session was taught by Master Sahota, GM Sahota's son. This was focused on kicking and chambers, breaking down each kick and putting them together again, correcting any 'bad habits' along the way. This was followed by partner work and precision kicking. This has given a few students some inspiration to improve on their own technique and to 'challenge themselves' to become better and better. My message to students has always been to set personal goals, whether it be for next week, month or year, and try to commit yourself to succeeding in personal goals. Master Sahota supported this message and has challenged students to set goals and to show him their progress next year, whether it be to kick higher, stronger or with more accuracy and core strength.


We ended the seminar with a group photo and some individual ones. Students were buzzing after this seminar and i'm sure lessons learnt on this day will be remembered in years to come. A big thank you to everyone that has been involved with this event. Grandmaster Sahota said that standards were excellent by all students which was a lovely compliment to all.



Training secrets of Taekwon-Do


To study the theory of power thoroughly.

To understand the purpose and method of each movement clearly.

To bring the action of eyes, hands, feet and breath into one single coordinated action.

To choose the appropriate attacking tool for each vital spot.

To become familiar with the correct angle and distance for attack and defence.

Keep both the arms and legs bent slightly while movement is in motion.

All movements must begin with a backward motion with very few exceptions. However, once the movement is in motion it should not be stopped before reaching the target.

To create sine wave during the movement by utilizing the knee spring.

To exhale briefly at the moment of each blow except a connecting motion.

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