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How do I pay for SDMA classes?

Taekwon-Do classes are paid for monthly and dodgeball classes are paid for per class. Seminars,1-2-1 classes and weekend sessions may vary.


What should my child wear for class?

If you are coming to your first session, sportswear or light comfy clothing is fine. We do not wear shoes during Taekwon-Do classes but dodgeball will require comfy, indoor shoes.

Are your classes insured?

Yes, our instructors have public liability insurance. They are also DBS checked, first aid and child protection certified. 


Are your teachers qualified?

Our assistant and full instructors are certified through SDMA. It's no easy task becoming an instructor so we run a course for all candidates. We also help to guide them in every way we can to ensure that they are doing the best job for the students. All assistant Taekown-Do instructors are red belt and above and full instructors are black belt and above.

Can we still join your classes after the start of the month?

Definitely. You can start classes at any point during the month.

Can parents watch?

We encourage all parents to stay and watch their children if possible. There are areas in our halls with chairs so parents can sit. 


What is your ratio of children to instructors?

Every class varies in number, but you can guarantee that there will always be a fully trained and qualified instructor at each class. There may also be assistant instructors to help.

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