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LTSI South East Opens 2022

On Sunday 27th March 2022, 8 students took part in the LTSI South East Championships. This tournament was cancelled last year due to Covid, so we were very lucky this year that we were able to attend. Because our club attended the English championships in October last year, which was hosted by the same martial arts group, we were quite confident in the procedures and schedule of the day and how each category and event was organised and ran. It was held at the same venue as well so we felt more comfortable in a recognisable environment this time.

In total, we came away with three golds, four silvers and two bronze medals, meaning everyone came away with a medal on the day, which is truly amazing considering there were 275 competitors on the day. All students did the club proud and themselves, so I hope everyone came away with their head held high.


Clara came away with a silver medal in sparring, narrowly missing out on gold. She even sparred with the boys! Here defence work, her guard and her movement was great during her three fights and several coaches and referees told me afterwards how impressed they were with her technique and ability. Don't worry, I tell her all the time!

Connor was very similar, coming away with a silver in sparring. The final went down to extra time in which it was a very close fight. Connors sparring has come on leaps and bounds since he started training with us on a Friday evening. A truly great competitor with bags of potential.


Matty retained his winning streak, coming away with yet another gold in sparring and a bronze trophy in patterns. He came up against some familiar faces which was reassuring. However, the competition only gets tougher!


Carric also came away with gold in sparring. He is only a green belt and a new competitor, but the potential is clear to see. His ability is fantastic and his attitude equals that. He was one of few who showed valuable courtesy to his partner, always touching gloves before starting. Next time, I think we will do well to prep some good, light meals ahead of the day rather than forgetting to eat and feeling sick!

Tia had a tough day at the competition. However, she still came away with a gold in sparring which is fantastic. She is a great student and a tough competitor with lots of potential moving forward. I hope she uses this as a springboard to propel her forward into doing more. Myself and her class instructor, master Robinson, are extremely proud of her efforts.


Miss Bell came home with a silver in sparring, putting in a great performance. She was complimented with a remark about her 'annoying legs', meaning she has the ability to keep her balance and throw a good amount of kicks out before moving on to the next, not allowing her opponent to get a chance. Her ability is why she often comes home with a medal, so well done to her. Big respect!

Mr Davis came away with a bronze in sparring. His category was a very tough one, and we all know how good sir is in sparring, and a very difficult student to spar against, so him not coming away with a gold tells the story. He put on a good show and I hope he is confident in his ability and proud of his achievements. Well done!

After taking a trip off the mats and into the crowd, Miss Pitt came home with a silver in Sparring. Yet again, her category was pretty tough, yet she literally threw herself into this one. Miss Pitts tournament journey has only just begun, so I'm sure we will be seeing plenty more medals from her in the near future.

Well done to all! We rest, we train, we go again. Taekwon.

Mr Donohoo

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